The taste made with traditions kept in mind.




  • Scallops$25
    We can make sure that there you can taste the sea right.
  • Chops$30
    Get your fair share of the chops to have the right comfort.
  • Rib Roast$34
    We can make sure that you have the right platter to set you day to the end.
  • Stew$29
    We can make a heartwarming dish taste much better.
  • Aioli$39
    We can make sure that you have the right tang in your mouth.
  • Frittata$29
    A classic French dish made from scratch at our kitchen.




They made sure that the food was cooked to perfection and the service was just amazing.


Beatrice B. Castellanos


10 Ways Fine Dining Can Help Your Business Grow

If you are looking to grow your restaurant business, then you should know that changes must be made in order to experience an increase in patronage. Most importantly, your business plan should be well-written to suit your idea. Companies like Pro Business Plans can help with this.
Fine dining offers a formal, classy experience to customers who are willing to pay for expensive services. It is a strategy that can help your restaurant grow in a variety of ways. Ten of them are discussed below.

1. Converting Satisfied Customers to Opportunities
If you satisfy your high-paying customers, there is a chance that you might get a catering contract from one of them. This is why you and your staff must ensure consistency in top quality service delivery.

2. Upsell Your Offerings
Directing your waiters/waitresses to persuade upscale customers to make more purchases is a good way to increase sales. This will be effective if the wait staff are well-trained, knowledgeable about the menu, and can relate well with the customers.

3. Promoting Your Brand On Social Media
Showcase your offerings on social media platforms through videos and pictures. How good your fine dining menu looks can speak a lot about how the casual dining menu will be.

4. Offer Promotions
You can decide to start promotions for casual dining customers to try your fine dining menu at discount rates. There could even be special promotions where you can offer meals for free to lucky customers.

5. Add Complementary Items
Offer complimentary items like chocolates, cakes, and so on; especially during the festive seasons. This gesture will attract more customers during those periods.

6. Combo Meals
If you present a combination of casual dining and fine dining meals in a different menu category, you may attract more customers to your business. As variety is the spice of life, even your upscale customers may also want to try it.

7. Unique Recipes
The prestige that comes with being the custodian of a unique or secret recipe is a great boost for your brand. People love to enjoy such meals, especially one that is considered irresistible by every customer that tries it. Of course, it will most likely belong to the fine dining menu.

8. Start Making Deliveries
Some people prefer to eat their expensive meals elsewhere instead of visiting restaurants. Online ordering is a market that you should tap into in order to increase sales.

9. Make Your Customers Spread the Word
If you offer your customers a top notch service and convert them to satisfied patrons, they will promote your restaurant for you either by word of mouth, high ratings, positive reviews, or other means (of course, without asking them to).

10. Watch out for the Critics
One bad review from a food/restaurant critic, and your restaurant’s sales may suffer. However, a good review can go a long way in boosting your brand image. Critics tend to go for the fine dining menu, but make sure every meal you serve meets the standard.

Fine dining is different from casual dining in terms of pricing and ambiance. Casual dining services offer more laid-back settings and less expensive meals.

Some Tips To Make Sure That You Have Prepared Your Restaurant For The Winter


As all have started to fall, even the temperature would have started to fall, and it will start getting really brisk out there. Be sure to bring a sweater or a jacket. Since winter is just around the corner, I thought it would be a good idea to leave you with some tips and tricks as to how you could manage your restaurant in the cold weather. If you are a restaurant owner, you will certainly have to be worried about that. You should also be thinking about how much colder the weather could get and how this would affect your business.


You should make sure to start offering hot beverages to patrons who enter your restaurant. Some forethought can indeed help you a lot and will also help you go a long way. There are some things that you can do that will make all the patrons really glad that they picked your restaurant to go to. If they end up liking it, they will undoubtedly tell their family and friends about it, and your business will indeed increase.

Here is everything that you can do help your business.

  • You should make sure that you have maintained your restaurant really well. Maintenance is key, and everyone likes a nice eating place that is clean and one that will serve them with good food. You should very importantly check for ways that rodents can make their way into your restaurant as it gets cold outside. They will want a warm place to rest, and there are chances that they could come into your restaurant.
  • You should also make sure that the heating system is perfectly up and running always, no matter what because some customers may come in because it might have gotten too cold outside.

  • You should also be certain about the frequent removal of snow in front of and also around your restaurant. The place needs to be accessible to all kinds of patrons. It would be helpful if you used salt to help get rid of some snow. Snow plowing is always effective. Make the pathways are seen and are always accessible for the patrons. It should also be made sure that the pathways are not slippery at all.
  • You should offer up some hot soup for those who come in. You should instruct the waiter to ask them if they would have some complimentary hot soup with some bread as well. This will make sure to impress a lot of people that come in.
  • Make some changes to the menu according to the cold weather, which would be necessary.